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What We Do

Drawn Together is a small not-for-profit community group funded by Council to deliver creative responses to vandalism on the Sunshine Coast. These creative responses involve engaging with at-risk youth and changing cultural attitudes towards graffiti.

We offer complete project management packages for businesses wishing to pay for private artwork, or for those who identify highly vandalised walls within the community.

Drawn Together Nambour has been around for just over a year now and has a working group comprised of seven members.

We have a clear vision for enriching Nambour with murals, upskilling local artists and engaging with at-risk youth. Starting in 2017 this will revolve around an annual street art festival.

Though we are funded by Sunshine Coast Council we do wish to provide an accessible platform for business owners and other organisations to view our work, commission a custom made artwork or donate to the program.

What You Can Do